time is flying!

February 22, 2009 at 11:02 pm (Ramblings)

I’m not sure if it is just because I have more kids or what, but this year seems to be flying by! Gracie is smiling and “talking” like crazy. She is by far the most adored thing in our house. The kids are more excited about her smiling at them then they are about anything else.  Oh, and the most glorious thing of all – she’s started sleeping through the night. SO awesome.  She finally hit the 8 pound mark so now she is about the size of most newborns! 

We had a great Valentine’s day. As part of our celebration we went to Cafe Sabor.  As we were waiting for our food we had chips and salsa, but this is a more authentic Mexican joint so the salsa is a little spicy for the gringo in me and Lanette. So she asked our waiter (on her own) if they had any “kid salsa”. We were cracking up…the best part is that they actually had a mild version that we (me, Parker and Lanette) downed in a few seconds.  If you ever come to Logan go to Cafe Sabor and try out their fried ice cream…best dessert EVER.



  1. Anne Bennion said,

    Your kids are adorable!!! I didn’t realize Grace was so tiny. She sure isn’t letting her size stop her!

  2. chelsea knudson said,

    Congrats on Grace sleeping through the night. That must feel great! I once had fried ice cream when I was a little girl….we’ll have to go there the next time we go!

  3. Cassia said,

    I can definitely empathize here – I can’t believe how fast time is going now!

    Congratulations on hitting the 8 lb mark. 🙂 It’s always funny to look at your baby and think, “Most babies are *born* like this!”

    Your children are all adorable. 🙂

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